Rumor has it

I dread telling feminists that I am a Christian almost as much as I dread telling Christians that I’m a feminist. In fact, there are few other announcements that will so quickly kill a conversation. This really wouldn’t be a problem except that a great part of my identity along with most of my most strongly-held beliefs are intertwined with these two “parties.” Rats.

One time I told a Christian co-worker that I had no definite plans to have children.

Another time I had to explain to a feminist friend how I am simultaneously a feminist, Christian, and in a healthy marriage relationship.

While some explanatory conversations have proven beneficial, many have been confusing/frustrating/be-littling and ultimately un-productive. Bleh. Herein lies the purpose of the blog: to record the everyday stories and happenings and ponderings of a Christian feminist with the hope of putting real flesh on someone who lives fully in these two camps. No (or at least not much) deep Bible exegesis on the gender passages and no (or perhaps just a few) angry rants. I hope to dispel some stereotypes and perhaps even answer some questions along the way.

Or… If you really don’t care about feminism and really don’t care about Christianity but do really care about me than you can follow to see what the heck I’m up to!


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